Sharesecret Slack Extension Features

The Sharesecret Slack extension is a powerful Slack security bot, making it easy to stay as safe as possible in Slack. This document describes the Sharesecret Slack bot features and functionality.

1. /secret command

The /secret slash command makes it easy to safely share sensitive data with your teammates without leaving Slack.

What's new in the /secret command?

We've added a few handy features that let you customize how secrets get shared in Slack.

The /secret command now comes in two forms:

  1. /secret SECRET
  2. /secret @recipient1 @recipient2 SECRET - Share a secret with specific recipients. The default command shares a secret link in the channel you run the command from -- this form lets you send a secret to specific individuals without exposing it to everyone in the channel.

2. Encrypt existing messages with message actions

You can now encrypt existing Slack messages that you create by using the "Encrypt message" option from a message context menu.

3. Auto-destructing Ephemeral Channels

Quickly and easily spin up ad-hoc private channels with a group of people. After a configurable amount of time (defaults to 24 hours) all the channel history is deleted, and the channel is archived.

Usage: @sharesecret chat with @recipient1 @recipient2

Great for: Customer support cases, sensitive private conversations with colleagues.

4. Channel Guard

Instruct the Sharesecret slack bot to monitor channel activity for sensitive-looking messages. When it finds something that looks potentially dangerous, the sender is alerted and given the option to encrypt the contents in Sharesecret, and the original contents are replaced with a Sharesecret link.

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